2017- Ready to wear 


Photography: Lionel Pierron

Models: Émile Woon, Annika Cuzner, Samuelle Langis

MUA: Natasha Goodz 



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In our world there is beauty, true beauty, whether it be the intertwining of vines with trees, the sun breaking over the horizon, the blooming of a primrose flower, or as simple as the birth of a new soul coming into our world. This is what brings bliss into our society. Yet we still seem to long for “bliss” when it is right in front of our blinded eyes.

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But for some unknown reason we tend to slowly be causing the deterioration of the remaining beauty in our world. What is left of it is being drained into a swirling never-ending black hole, fading away right in front of our eyes. Beauty is being morphed into darkness. After our society has gone to sleep we can hear the planet sigh under the secret it can’t keep. We are the sinister forces destroying our planet.





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We must remould the dark hole we have created into its original true form, reconstruct hate into tenderness, and rebuild the industrial concrete walls into rows of vast green beauty. Make the air breathable so it fills our souls with its purity; tear down the screens we look at, and fill our eyes with the mountain views we tend to forget about. We must put our world “under construction.”